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Alice - Co-founder

28 years old, originally from Devon, UK. I moved to London to train as a Children's nurse & spent 8 years there before leaving to travel the world like I had always dreamed. I've always wanted to come to Australia. The weather is a big one for me, I'm definitely more of a summer gal & enjoy exploring new places whilst getting a tan - what's not to love about that?! But I also love how laid back life is here, very different to the mad hustle & bustle of London, even in the cities! I have travelled mainly in Europe in the past but think it was my solo trip to Bali, Indonesia that sparked my true love of seeing the world & I couldn't wait to explore more!

Alex - Co-founder

Also 28 years old, grew up in London, UK. I've worked in Construction for the past 12 years mainly in structural glazingI also have experience in the army. I've travelled most of Europe, including cycling from England to France! I've definitely always had a passion for travel & also knew I wanted to come to Australia. I believe that Australia is the 'land of opportunity' and has a lot more to offer for career progression than back home. We are lucky enough to be in a relationship where we both want similar things travel-wise, so it works well for us.

Alongside connecting people around Australia, we are currently travelling the east cost of Australia ourselves in our van, Ernie.

Come & follow our journey on instagram:

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