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The Wander Link travel community: Who are we and why have we created it?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Connecting like minded travellers around Australia

Hello and welcome to The Wander Link, we're so happy to have you here!

The Wander Link is a community where like minded travellers can connect, meet and make memories around Australia.

So, who are we?

We are Alice and Alex (yep, Al & Al!), a couple from London, England with a passion for travel. We left home around 7 months ago now and have been living our best lives ever since. We came to Australia in August 2022 after spending a month in Bali, Indonesia on the way over (because why would you not!?) - we will definitely be writing a blog post on this too at some point.

By trade, Alex works in construction (in structural glazing to be specific) and Alice is a paediatric (children's) nurse. We have always known that we wanted to come to Australia and were both actually in the process of saving up and planning for our big trip when we met nearly four years ago now! Then the pandemic hit and our adventure was postponed and delayed and felt as if it would never become a reality.

Fast forward to now, six months into being in this beautiful country and it was more than worth the wait. Shortly after arriving in Australia, we bought a Toyota Hiace van (and named him Ernie) and have been slowly converting him into a camper (with absolutely no idea what we are doing!). We are now travelling full time in our home on wheels and will be documenting this as we go.

Why 'The Wander Link'?

As well as having a love for travel, we also really enjoy meeting new people. We have noticed during our time on the road that the best times we have had have been with people who we've met along the way. We are both naturally very sociable and love stopping to talk to locals, listen to their stories and hear all about their lives. We believe this is such a good way to get a feel of the different areas and learn more about the culture that Australia has to offer.

We also love meeting other travellers and people with common interests who are on a similar journey, this is where the idea behind The Wander Link came into play.

The name 'The Wander Link' just kind of made sense with what we were envisioning. We combined the words 'wanderlust' - meaning 'a strong desire to travel' with 'link' which is described as to 'make, form, or suggest a connection with or between'.

We hope that you can learn something from us and meet someone new!

So there you have it - we're just your ordinary couple, winging van life as we travel around Australia and sharing what we learn along the way. We really hope you enjoy following our journey, learn something from us (and our mistakes!) and are able to meet some new like-minded people as you go. Happy travelling!

Be sure to follow us on instagram if you're not already:

- The Wander Link account: Click here.

- Our personal account: Click here.

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