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Why the people that you meet whilst travelling can have such an impact on you

Whether you're starting your adventure with someone else (friends/partner/family etc) or not, the people that you meet on your journey can have such a direct impact on your travels in so many ways.

Making friends for life

Travelling is such a good way to meet people - some of which you never think you'd get on with when you first meet or would not normally have spoken to in other circumstances. You can end up with amazing friends from all over the world, which can even lead to them showing you their home country!

Enabling solo travel to become less scary

Solo travel can be daunting for a lot of people. However, is also such a good way of putting yourself out there it almost forces you to speak to people. Once you realise that there are heaps of people in a similar situation to you, it really helps to ease your nerves. You will not regret solo travelling and we believe that everybody should experience this at least once in your life.

Changing travel plans/directions

The people that you meet along the way, whether planned or not can completely change your path of travel. Through recommendations of places to go (or not to go!), you'll be amazed at how many times your plans change along the way. However, be mindful that everybody's opinions are unique so try not to let people put you off going to places and make up your own verdict.

Leading to different job paths

Finding jobs whilst travelling can sometimes be a bit stressful. Trying to find something that is short term, flexible and local to where you're staying can make things a little tricky at times. However, there may be times when you bump into someone, get talking and this ends up leading to a job. There are so many kind and helpful Aussie's that are more than happy to put a good word in. Who knows, you may end up trying something completely new, so remember to be open minded!

Bringing more joy into travelling

As much as we recommend travelling solo, finding others to explore with along the way can bring so much joy and create memories to last a lifetime. You will have all these stories together that people back home (especially if they haven't travelled) just won't understand and you'll build relationships that are so special and unique. Our best memories whilst travelling are definitely with the people that we've met along the way (hence starting The Wander Link!).

Having an impact on your future

You may have only been planning on travelling for a certain period of time... but the people you meet can lead to you extending your travels or even making a permanent move! You never know, you might meet that special someone, or a group of people that become friends and you just can't bear to leave behind!

So, this is just a few of the ways that the people you meet can completely change your whole travel experience (and life!)

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